Slovakia’s PM Matovic Steps Down Over Sputnik V Vaccine Scandal

A shipment of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine arrives at Slovakia’s Kosice Airport this month. (Frantisek Ivan/TASR Slovakia/AP)

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Igor Matovic, has resigned, according to Slovak agency TASR. His resignation came as several members of his center-right coalition, resigned.

President Chaputova, instructed the Minister of Finance, Eduard Heger, who is a member of the center-right Ordinary People party, chaired by the retired Matovic, to form a new cabinet of ministers.

Last week, Matovic, whose resignation was demanded by members of the ruling coalition, suggested that he swap positions with Heger, to resolve the government crisis.

A scandal erupted over a secret vaccine deal, Matovic, made with Russia. Late February, a Slovakian military jet secretly took off for Moscow in the middle of the night and returned with the first shipment of the 2 million dose Sputnik V deal.

Slovakia, an EU member, made this purchase despite the fact that EU has not authorized the vaccine for use.

The political crisis in Slovakia escalated in March when parties demanded Matovic’s resignation, threatening to break the union.

Slovakia is the second EU member to purchase the Sputnik V vaccine, following Hungary, and Russia is conveniently targeting the Eastern Europe bloc knowing this may cause issues with EU. Meanwhile Russia continues their disinformation operation on both, vaccines and the pandemic.

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