Latest Navalny News- Navalny Has Reportedly Been Moved to a Prison Hospital with “Respiratory Illness”

There are conflicting reports coming out of Russia today on what is causing Navalny’s rapid deterioration of health and his whereabouts. Navalny reported that his unit has a tuberculosis outbreak, while Russian state media, reported that he was transferred to a hospital ward and is undergoing tests, including for Covid-19. Whatever it is, we are watching Navalny get slowly killed and nothing is being done to stop this. How many have to die in the hands of Putin before something is done?

Earlier today, the Secretary General of human rights organization Amnesty International, Agnes Callamard, appealed to Putin with a demand to admit a doctor to Alexei Navalny, as well as to release the politician.

“I wrote to Vladimir Putin about Alexei Navalny, his unjustified arrest and deteriorating health. There is a real prospect that Russia will bring him to a slow death. He should be given immediate access to a trusted doctor and released, ”Callamard said.

Meanwhile Navalny, via Instagram, said that there was a tuberculosis outbreak in his unit in the penal colony.

“Already the third person from my squadron has recently been hospitalized with tuberculosis. There are 15 people in the detachment, that is, 20% of the number are sick, this is much higher than the epidemiological threshold, ”the opposition leader wrote, while joking “If I have tuberculosis, then maybe it’ll chase out the pain in my back and numbness in my legs. That’d be nice,” he wrote on Instagram.

Navalny, who is on the 6th day of hunger strike, said that his condition is deteriorating and that he has a severe cough and high temperature.

There was also confusion on Navalny’s whereabouts today. Russian media outlet, Izvestia, citing the Federal Penitentiary Service, claimed that Navalny was transferred to the IK-2 medical unit in Pokrov, while Navalny’s lawyer, Vadim Kobzev, said he had no knowledge of this.  

Navalny’s other lawyer, Olga Mikhailova told Dozhd that she learned about the Navalny’s transfer to the medical unit from the media. According to her, there are no doctors in the medical unit, and there is only one paramedic. “Whether or not a doctor will be invited there, I don’t know, everything is in the hands of the Federal Penitentiary Service,” said the lawyer.

Will update!

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