Ambassador Antonov

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov Says That Russian Ambassador To US Will Not Be Returning To DC Any Time Soon

Relations between United States and Russia are at an all-time low, since President Biden assumed office. Unlike Trump, President Biden is intent on holding Russia accountable for the Kremlin’s poisoning and jailing of Navalny, numerous cyberattacks, including SolarWinds, and interference in the 2020 election. Sanctions against Russia have already been announced and implemented, with more in the works.

In edition, last month, Biden was asked by ABC news whether he thought Putin is a killer, to which he responded yes and vowed that Russia will pay for their election interference, in the near future. This set off endless propaganda in Russian state media, along with a chorus of Kremlin cronies, coming out in support for Putin. As a result, within days, Russian Ambassador to US, Anatoly Antonov, got recalled back to Moscow. Reminder that Antonov, is sanctioned by Europe and Canada, for his role in Russia’s invasion of Crimea, yet was sent to DC, one of the most important posts, when Trump took office.

Earlier today, Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov, told RIA Novosti, that Antonov will not be returning to Washington anytime soon. “This is not a question of the coming days. We will determine the timing depending on what steps Washington will take on the bilateral track. something visible in this regard, something visible and noticeable will be undertaken.”

So for now, it looks like the Russian Ambassador will remain in Moscow, and judging by Russia’s escalation towards Ukraine, might remain there, for awhile.

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