The latest espionage cases- Latvia and Poland

2 more Russian intelligence operations disrupted in Europe.

Last Thursday, news broke of Latvia’s lawmaker, from pro-Russian Harmony party, Janis Adamsons, being accused of spying for the Kremlin. Latvian parliament, quickly moved to strip Adamsons from his immunity, resulting in searches being conducted in his home and office. 69 of the 100 member parliament, voted to strip immunity from Adamsons and grant prosecutors the right to question, search, charge, and arrest him in the ongoing investigation of spying for a foreign country, Russia.

“Honestly, I don’t feel I have sinned,” was Adamsons’ response.

According to Baltic News Network, Adamsons is suspected of “leaking confidential information to Russia in the past four years.”

Adamsons works in the assembly’s Defense, Interior Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee, but has no clearance for classified information, according to BNS news.

On the same day, another espionage story broke in Poland. Polish authorities announced they had arrested Janusz N. (last name withheld due to their privacy laws) for spying for Russia at the EU Parliament.

Stanislaw Zaryn, spokesman for the head of the country’s security services, said that Janusz N., “carried out activities in favor of the Russian Federation.”

“Instructed by individuals working for the Russian intelligence services, he would attempt to approach Polish and foreign politicians, including those working in the European Parliament,” Zaryn said. “The suspect’s activities were in line with Russian information warfare activities aimed at weakening the position of Poland within the EU and in the international arena.”

According to the statement, Janusz N. pleaded not guilty.

I will definitely fill in more details and update this story when I can.

Disrupting Russia’s spy networks in Europe and US is crucial. In recent months, several countries in Europe have exposed Russia’s intel operations and arrested nationals, working with Russian intelligence, against national security interests of their country and European interests. In a few cases, Russian diplomats were also expelled. Still waiting for US to do the same, because, as we have seen, there are quite a few, politicians and influential figures, pushing Russian disinformation and promoting the interests of the Kremlin, which poses a danger to our national security.




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