Trump and The Russian Mob

Emin Agalarov, Donald Trump, Aras Agalarov (Miss Universe- Moscow 2013)

There has been much speculation on the connections between Trump and the Russian mob. Trump’s connections with the Russian mob have been developed over the past three decades and seem to be even more so relevant today with the involvement of Russia and the US election. It seems every business that Trump has been involved in directly and indirectly involves the Russian mob.

The most prevalent branch in Russia, since the late 1980’s, is the SoIntsevskaya Bratva led by Sergei Mikhailov “Mikhas” who worked very closely with Semion Mogilevich. Mogilevech, who goes under many aliases, is considered to be one of the most dangerous men in the world. His business operations span across several continents and involve everything from money laundering, sex trafficking, arm dealings, drug trafficking and he was wanted by every Intel agency for supplying Al Qaeda with nuclear materials. He operates in over 27 countries and has over 100 known front companies in order to keep the cash flowing. Mogilevich walks around Russia as a free man and has majority stake in the gas companies, real estate, and the state owned banks. A few years ago Litvinenko, a former officer of the FSB secret service, defected from Russia and was going to expose Vladimir Putin’s dealings and the working relationship he has with Mogilevich. After meeting with an Italian Intel officer in Britain he succumbed to an untimely death by being poisoned by Polonium 210. From his death bed Litvinenko stated that Putin was the one behind his assassination. Mogilevich under Putin’s request put a hit on Litvinenko and interestingly enough had the radiation expert, who determined the polonium poisoning, murdered as well!

Semion Mogilevich

So back to Trump! Trump made his first official trip to the Soviet Union in 1987 and managed to meet with high level government officials to discuss business opportunities in Russia. At that time it was impossible to meet with government officials and for such a meeting to take place Trump must have had a working relationship already in place. Mogilevich was a rising mobster in Russia who established his base in the United States in Brooklyn, NY known as “Little Odessa.” Vsacheslav Ivankov was a high level member of the Bratva and was sent to the United States in 1992 to stabilize the business operations in Brooklyn due to fighting within the organization. Ivankov aka “Yaponchik” was responsible for managing his gang of approximately 100 members and coordinating operations with the 5 Italian crime families in NY as well as forging ties with the Colombian drug cartels. Eventually Ivankov fell onto the radar of the FBI and they started building their case. After much surveillance they noted the very frequent trips to Trump’s Taj Majal as well as the amount of money put into gambling. The FBI for a while lost his trail and eventually found him hiding out in an apartment in Trump Towers NY, same place where Trump resides. The FBI also found Ivankov’s personal phone book that had the private telephone and fax numbers for the Trump Organization inside that building. Again it is very important to note that Ivankov directly reported to Mogilevich and resided in Brooklyn during his years in the US until his capture in 1995. So how did he end up hiding out in Trump Towers? It is also very important to understand that every single Russian connection around Trump from the late 80’s to the members in his election campaign all work for either Putin or Mogilevich..

Trump’s Campaign Lawyer and Russian Ambassador Kislyak

Donald Trump and Sergey Kislyak

In June 2008, Donald Trump Jr. attended a real estate conference in Moscow hosted by Adam Smith Conferences. The Adam Smith 6th Annual Russian Real Estate Summit, where Donald Trump Jr. was the special guest keynote speaker, was described as the ‘most prestigious conference dedicated to the Russian real estate market’. This conference was sponsored by Marks & Sokolov International Law firm with offices in Moscow and Philadelphia. Bruce Marks is listed as the managing director of the Philadelphia office and Sergey Sokolov is listed as the managing director of the Moscow office.


Bruce Marks, the founder and managing member of Marks & Sokolov LLC, prides himself on the reputation he has built as an expert on commercial legal matters between the West, Russia, and Ukraine. Mr. Marks is very involved in Russian real estate seminars and Russian corporate events and attracts numerous wealthy and powerful Russian oligarchs. On October 19th 2011, Marks & Sokolov partnered with The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia to host the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, in which Bruce Marks played an essential role in securing Kislyak for this event. Thomas Sullivan, listed as a senior attorney for Marks & Sokolov attended an event with Sergey Kislyak at the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC on May 13, 2014 and again on May 18, 2015. Over the past several years this law firm has had many encounters with Kislyak as well as many Russian oligarchs connected to the Kremlin.

Why is this important? Donald Trump met Bruce Marks in 1994 when Trump attended Bruce’s reelection campaign for the Pennsylvania State Senate. Bruce Marks and his firm were hired by Donald Trump’s Campaign to represent the litigation filed in the Pennsylvania federal court by the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee regarding the vote recount last November. Trump faced great scrutiny last year for his admiration of Putin; his campaign manager Paul Manafort’s ties to Yanukovych, a pro-Putin ousted Ukrainian leader; Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Russia’s role in the hacking of the DNC, and Trump’s continued promotion of WikiLeaks, which is known to be closely connected to Russia’s Intel Services. With all the Russian ties that surrounded the campaign, why did Trump choose to hire Bruce Marks, who is so heavily involved with Russia? When faced with this question last November, Bruce Marks stated that other than his recent work for the Trump campaign he has had no attorney-client relationship with Trump.

What if Trump has known Kislyak longer than he originally stated? Trump supposedly met Kislyak for the first time at the famous Lavrov-Kislyak meeting in the Oval Office last May yet Trump forgot their encounter at the Mayflower Hotel last year. Bruce Marks can be added as another Trump- Russia connection that leads straight to the Kremlin and Kislyak.

How Putin is Winning 


Russia has long envied the power and influence America maintains on the world stage and has always blamed America for the Soviet Union collapse. They have undermined America on many occasions over the past few decades but with little harm to America’s standing. When Putin decided to actively interfere in the 2016 US elections he did so with a few end goals in mind. Putin is a very patient man who strategizes to achieve results in the long term when it comes to Foreign Policy and elevating Russia’s positioning in the world.

Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin

We can now safely come to the conclusion that Russia did interfere in our elections through a multifaceted attack involving the use of fake news, targeting social media, employing hackers to steal data, targeting our voting machines, employing Wikileaks to release data and inflating the division that existed in America. Putin succeeded in installing Trump into the White House and we are now left with confusion, a dysfunctional administration and daily chaos.

When Putin chose to target America through the installation of Trump and other cabinet members he had two end goals. The first one was to achieve an end to sanctions and have America turn a blind eye to Russia’s internal affairs as well as their hostile involvement in Ukraine and other countries in Russia’s sights including the Baltic States. Russia’s economy has suffered tremendously through the sanctions that have been imposed by Europe and America, as punishment for their vicious behavior in the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and their continued attacks on Ukraine. Sanctions have also effectively put on hold many future projects between Russia and their International Partners resulting in heavy monetary losses. Clearly, Trump is having difficulty delivering to Putin the lifting of sanctions! Just recently the Senate overwhelmingly voted to restrict Trump from having the ability to unilaterally lift sanctions which resulted in push back from the White House and a demand to water down the language of the bill. So it looks like Putin is losing.. He’s not!

Putin’s other goals, that are being achieved on somewhat of a daily basis, are to cause utter chaos in America, the dismantling of sacred institutions, causing a dysfunctional and practically paralyzed government, destroying America’s global image and superiority, alienating America from her Allies,  creating a Constitutional crisis and taking America into unprecedented territory with no immediate solution insight. Putin is accomplishing this very well with the absolute help and willingness of the Trump administration. America is still very much under attack by the Kremlin and the attacks are only increasing because the Russians now have a insider, in the most powerful position in the world, who is helping them facilitate these attacks. In the short time of Trump’s Presidency, he has managed to attack our best and most loyal Allies, question the commitments that America has always been known to stand by (NATO) and actively seek to cause distrust among the Intel sharing communities, that have always helped America remain safe overseas and at home. Just recently, Trump decided to hand over very sensitive classified Intel to the Russians, by one of our most trusting partners, Israel. The result, Israel will now take into consideration on the amount of Intel they will be willing to share, which effectively will put our troops who are fighting ISIS and other terrorist organizations into harms way.

Sergey Larov, Donald Trump, Sergey Kislyak

Trump has caused a great strain on our institutions and purposefully has left many positions vacant and filled the few with inexperienced and/or corrupt individuals, which is definitely having a visible impact. Trump has also successfully started dismantling all the social services that have taken care of the poor, sick and vulnerable in our society. This constant chaos has resulted in a general consensus among our Allies that America has a President whose allegiance lies with Russia. As a result, our Allies are increasingly distrustful and this is causing a strain on relations with our Allies and effectively making America the laughing stock of the world.

While America is fighting for its democracy and facing one of the most insane and challenging situations this country has ever faced, Putin is raising his standing and influence in the world. Putin is enjoying this chaos for many reasons. First, the state of affairs in America currently are the best revenge for Putin, who has long accused America of internal interference. Russia is also setting a strong example to the vulnerable countries that they have in their sights. Our European allies who have normally received guarantee and help from America are left with fighting an ongoing attack by Russia with virtually no support from America. Putin is also elevating his influence over key regions and at the same time creating conflicts to keep America occupied so that he can continue with his plans of world dominance. Trump is helping Putin every step of the way!





The Dangers of the Lavrov-Trump White House Meeting

Sergey Lavrov, Donald Trump, Sergey Kislyak

On May 9th, 2017 the world learned the shocking news that FBI Director James Comey had been fired. James Comey was investigating the Russian interference into the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia. The recommendations to fire Comey came from Attorney General Sessions (who previously had recused himself from all investigations into Russia and the White House) and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. The termination of Comey came on the heels of probably one of the most shocking events that would occur. The following day on May 10th the world yet again was shocked when the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov showed up for a meeting at the White House. In attendance at this surprise meeting was Sergey Kislyak (the Russian Ambassador to the United States) and Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger, Donald Trump White House May 10, 2017

This meeting which sent a chilling message to the world was apparently granted at the request of Putin on the morning of the meeting. All 17 US Intel agencies have come to the agreement that Russia did indeed interfere in the 2016 US elections and are currently investigating and analyzing all methods that were used in this attack. Under normal circumstances the US President would be concerned about an attack on America and use all resources available to investigate Russia’s interference and formulate the appropriate punishment. Instead Trump invited the Russians to the White House.

Donald Trump, Sergey Kislyak

The optics of this meeting sent a strong message to our Allies and Putin’s enemies, of the power and influence Putin currently holds over the United States. The fact that Trump invited government officials from a country that attacked us and is currently supporting a murderous regime in Syria is very disturbing. What’s more disturbing was the insulting move to our free press to only allow Russian media into the meeting. Also, Tass Russian Media which covered the meeting, is known to be a cover for Russian spies.

In just one meeting Trump managed to cause a bigger rift with our Allies, diminish the world view of the United States, and instill panic into smaller countries that are in direct fear of Russia’s takeover. If the United States can so easily lose to Russia then what chances do the countries in the Baltics and Ukraine have of survival. Putin knew exactly what he was doing when he arranged the Trump- Lavrov meeting with the backdrop of the White House and Trump was more than willing to help send Russia’s message to the world.