Was Michael Caputo Under Contract with Putin’s Ukrainian Operatives While Working for HHS?

SEP 29, 2020 AT 9:42 PM


The delegation did visit during the first week of March. According to social media posts of some of the delegates a meeting did take place with Michael Caputo, US Congressmen Bill Keating, and others. Ihor Shurma, a Ukrainian politician, and close associate of Kharkiv mayor Hennady Kernes (Giuliani held meetings with him in Kharkiv) Was at the meeting. He belongs to the Opposition Bloc party which is a pro-Russian party which recently employed Paul Manafort before his incarceration.

On April 24, 2020 Michael Caputo was appointed as the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This appointment came just less than two weeks after Trump and Putin held yet another phone call (they had 4 calls in a span of 2 weeks between March 30th and April 12th) and amidst a raging pandemic.  Caputo recently took a leave of absence after reports surfaced that he was involved in harrassing and intimidating CDC scientists in order to minimize the severity of the pandemic which has to date cost more than 210,000 American lives.
Michael Caputo is no stranger to controversy and has lots of experience during his years working for Russian President Yeltsin and then Vladimir Putin, to improve his image. He is a close decades long associate of Roger Stone and worked with him in Ukraine over a decade ago for a Ukrainian politician Volodymyr Lytvyn. Why is this important? Lytvyn along with Leonid Derkach and Kuchma were allegedly heard ordering the assassination of a journalist. Georgiy Gongadze was later found beheaded. It was a huge scandal in Ukraine but that didn’t stop Stone and Caputo of working for Lytvyn several years later.  If the name Derkach sounds familiar it is because his son, Andrii Derkach, was recently labeled by our intel agencies as being an agent of Russia and interfering in our US election with his Kremlin originated propaganda on Vice President Joe Biden. Of course Rudy Guiiani was smack in the center of obtaining and pushing Russian intel fabricated disinformation over the past year while working with Andrii Derkach and Andrii Telizhenko, among others.
Fast forward to January 2020…
On January 21, 2020 Michael Caputo’s company, Zeppellin Communications, filed a FARA  (Foreign Agents Registration Act) representing Kateryna Odarchenko on behalf of 
“The Republic of Ukraine’s Institute for Democracy and Development (PolitA) is a non-government organization established by Ukrainian community leaders and experts in political science, strategic planning and analysis to promote democratic development in Ukraine and its civil society. “
The contract according to the FARA was signed on December 16, 2019, a week after Rudy Giuliani’s return from Ukraine organizing a propaganda hit on VP Joe Biden with Putin’s Ukrainian operatives Andrii Derkach and Andrii Telizhenko. One of the people listed in the contract is Iryna Venediktova, a prosecutor in Ukraine appointed in March 2020.  
In May, Venediktova approved the opening of criminal proceedings against former President Petro Poroshenko for high treason and abuse of office which looked like a political hit job against Poroshenko and a means of smearing VP Biden in the process. This happened shortly after Andrii Derkach released his first batch of Poroshenko- Biden tapes among other “evidence” to smear VP Biden and then presented Venediktova with his findings. Our intel agencies recently issued a statement that Derkach is attempting to interfere in our upcoming election and sanctioned him citing that he ” has been an an active Russian agent for over a decade, maintaining close connections with the Russian Intelligence Services.” 
The purpose of the contract signed by Michael Caputo was to bring a Ukrainian delegation (2020 PolitA) to Washington, DC for high level meetings with key representatives of the Trump Administration, US Congressmen and Senators, among others. Iryna Venediktova was listed as part of the delegation.
The most interesting part was that Caputo was set to receive $1 for the contract.
Was Caputo, when he went to work for HHS, still under contractual obligation with a group pushing Putin’s Russian intelligence disinformation meant to attack our elections? The contract was set to expire April 30, 2020. What was the real purpose of this trip? Who was this delegation supposed to meet with and when was the trip slated to take place? 
Will update….
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